Switchboard Upgrades

Do you have a new home, are you renovating or do you need a switchboard upgrade? Let Sydney Sparky help your home or business run smoothly and safely for you, your family or your employees.

Switchboards play an important part in powering your home or office for your lighting and appliances, allowing them to run smoothly and more importantly, safely. However, your current switchboard may not have the power capacity or safety features to fulfill its functions correctly.

Why you may need a switchboard upgrade:

The main reason to upgrade your switchboard is to keep up with your power usage, and some older switchboards cannot keep up with current power capacity needs. You may have renovated or installed a new oven or high-powered air conditioning, or you may be wanting to upgrade from single phase to 3 phase or increase the capacity of the whole panel.

Switchboard upgrades are not only for capacity upgrades but more importantly to ensure all safety features are included. Some old switchboards are not designed to deal with current power usage and can cause fires as they cannot shut off as quickly as new switchboards with safety switches can.

We can repair any switchboard - whether it’s a small or large repair, we will give our best advice based on your power needs.

Whatever your requirements, Sydney Sparky’s specialised electricians can perform:

  •    Switchboard upgrades for higher capacity, safety features or energy usage monitors
  •    Installation of new switchboards
  •    Repairs to old switchboards including rewiring, circuit breaker upgrades, energy usage monitors and ground fault circuit interrupters
  •    Safety inspections

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry, our experienced electricians will inspect, repair and upgrade your switchboard if required, to ensure your home or business runs smoothly, meeting your power requirements and ensuring all modern safety features are installed. Sydney Sparky understands that safety is priority and we will ensure that your switchboard is safe for you and your family or your employees.

Call us anytime on 1300 777 275, and one of our electricians will offer the best advice based on your switchboard needs.

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