Phone Line Repairs & Data Cabling

Are you having trouble with your phone line or internet system at your property? Or do you need help to plan and set up your phone and internet cabling from scratch? Let us help!

We understand the pain of having to move to the other side of the house or office to get better internet reception, or having to use routers to amplify your internet signal!
We will sit down and plan with you and make sure you have all the phone and network connections for now and for the future for your home or office. We will also test and organise all cabling for safety and easy identification.

Our experienced electricians are qualified in the following services:

  • Phone line repairs
  • Test and repair ADSL and phone line faults
  • Install new ADSL and phone line connections
  • Install and connect WIFI
  • Repair or replace phone and data wiring
  • Provide extra phone and fixed internet points
  • Workstation cabling
  • Server cabling and patching
  • PDU installation for backup power to computers
  • Office structure planning


Do you need a new phone line or want to add more ports?

At Sydney Sparky, we are qualified to install and repair phone lines for your home or business.

We can add additional phone ports around your home, in the kitchen or bedroom, in the granny flat or in the office; we can also install and repair phone lines, both inside and underground.

Have you employed extra staff, expanded office or moved into a new office?

We will plan with you to meet your business requirements now and for the future - no matter how big or small the needs are for you business.


Tired of using routers and want to upgrade your internet network?

Ask us to install, repair or upgrade your internet and network services. No matter how simple or complicated your home or office structure, is we will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

We specialise in installing and repairing ADSL, cable and wireless networks to ensure your home or office receives the most effective design possible.

Office Structure Planning

Have you moved into a new office?

We can plan, install and repair phone and data cabling for any business, no matter how big or small. We will sit and listen to your requirements now and your plans for the future to get the job done right once without the hassle of adding phone and data cabling down the track.

We will organise and label current and new cabling in cabinets, bundles or walls hidden away for the safety of you and your employees. We will also organise and label cables for easy identification and repair.


At Sydney Sparky, our experienced electricians will thoroughly test all current and newly installed cabling and will not leave until everything is up and running.

Need a quote? Simply fill out the form on the right, and one of our experienced electricians will be in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively call us anytime on 1300 777 275 and our friendly electricians will be happy to help with any of your queries and offer the best advice on your cabling needs.

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