Every house and business has a circuit - it’s simply the path the electricity moves down from the power lines through to an appliance, light or power point.

You should be able to operate your electronics and lights independently without tripping the circuit breaker. New homes and offices with modern circuits should not be tripping circuit breakers unless there are faulty wires.

You may need to update your household or office circuit if the power keeps tripping from an appliance or light.

If you have an older home, you may regularly be heading to the switchboard and flicking the circuit breaker back on. Not only will you need a rewiring of your electrical circuit for your convenience, but also for your safety.

Older circuits are not equipped with more modern safety features to protect your appliances, or you and your family or employees. Old ceramic circuit wires cannot cope with the large current and possible fire hazard.

Your circuit should have:

• An RCD or safety switch
• Earth wires
• Surge diverter

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