Smoke Alarms

Our experienced electricians are certified to install and replace outdated smoke alarms to ensure the safety of you and the occupants of your house or business.

We will ensure that your property not only meets safety requirements but also contains a practical smoke detection plan targeting the high danger areas. Sydney Sparky supplies only premium high quality and government-approved smoke alarms.
At Sydney Sparky we can help answer your questions relating to smoke alarms including:

  •    How many smoke alarms are you required to have for your property?
  •    Which types of smoke alarms are suited to you?

How many smoke alarms does my property need?

Are you wondering how many smoke alarms you need in your home or business, or are you unsure where they should go? Let our experienced contractors answer all your questions and assist in ensuring your property has the best quality alarms to keep you and your family or employees safe.

By law you are required to have at least one smoke alarm per level. However, this is a common rule of thumb and not practical for every home or business. Sydney Sparky is certified to provide specialist knowledge and we can provide advice on the placement and number of smoke alarms to best create the safest environment possible.

Which is the best smoke alarm for me?

Sydney Sparky will always recommend hardwired and interconnected smoke alarms, supported by Fire Rescue NSW. Hardwired and interconnected smoke alarms are reliable and are not dependent on a batteries which can run out without you knowing.

Although most smoke alarms, including hardwired alarms, come with a battery, battery smoke alarms rely solely on the battery. Sydney Sparky recommends the use of 10-year lithium batteries instead of the old lead or alkaline batteries which need to be replaced yearly.

Sydney Sparky are qualified to install specialist alarms such as those with strobe lights or vibrating pads for the hearing-impaired or deaf.

Not sure what you need?

Don’t worry - our experienced electricians will inspect and upgrade your smoke alarms to ensure the highest safety standard is reached for your home or office. Sydney Sparky understands that safety is the priority and will make sure that we provide nothing but specialist advice to meet the requirements of your property or the needs of you, your family or employees.

Call us anytime on 1300 777 275, and our experienced electricians will offer the best advice about smoke alarms for your house or property.

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